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What goes down at The Junction?

You never know what you’re going to see when you come to The Junction, that’s what keeps it so exciting. Everything that we carry is #madeinyqr or very close by. We currently have everything from paintings, jewelry, music, books, pottery, products and the list goes on. We host events and pop-ups, we volunteer, and we have lots of fun.

As hairdressers, we are always practicing new techniques and ideas… so don’t be afraid if you see a random mannequin head (or 10) hanging out. We are a part of a program called green circle salons, which helps us be as kind to our planet as possible. We are able to recycle almost everything that we use…even your hair after we cut it.

The Junction rule of thumb is simply this: We support nice people, who happen to also be good at stuff… so when you are admiring your new piece of pottery just know, that there is a really great human behind it. (not literally of course, that’s creepy)

Meet The Junction Team

Kristina Blake
aka Hallwas

Kristina Blake

Kristina opened the doors to The Junction in Sept 2015. She has been hairdressing for 14 years and is passionate about education, teamwork, creativity and community. As an extension of The Junction, Kristina is also an active member of The Woods art space, our second level gallery.

“My clients, my team and the artists we work with fuel me. I’m so fortunate to be a part of a space that is surrounded by genuine thought and inspiration, a space where I can be myself and encourage others to do the same.”

Brittany Larson
aka Brid, Birdy, Brit

Brittany “Birdy” Larson

Brittany aka Brid, Birdy, Brit joined The Junction Crew in July of 2018. Brit is a talented hairstylist with 4 years experience, she’s hilarious, easy to talk to and loves to explore. Bird is constantly taking education and crushes a beautiful balayage and blow-outs.

“My favorite part about this industry are the people. The team I get to work with is so creative and fun. Our clients are soo awesome.. everyone has something cool to tell you and I love getting to know new people.”

Isabella Wishlow

Isabella Wishlow

Isabella is an ultra creative human who is unapologetic-ally herself. She has been slinging hair for over 4 years, she’s a dance master, and visual artist. If you love short, edgy cuts, hair tattoos or an all around creative explosion on your head, Isabella’s your hair human.
(p.s. she does beautiful natural hair too)

“I love the “there is no wrong answer” mentality of the industry. There is so much inspiration, creative freedom and learning in the hair world.. that’s why I have fallen in love with it. I’m proud to call myself a hairdresser.”

Josh Apperley
aka Lightning Hands

Josh “Lightning Hands” Apperley

Josh has been hanging with The Junction Crew since Aug 2016 and has been practicing for over 7 years. Not only will you receive an assessment and amazing treatment with Josh, you’ll also get to listen to sweet tunes along the way!


  • Lightning Hands
  • Upstairs Roommate
  • Resident Message Therapist (RMT)
  • Spmt. Musician.

Patrick Fernandez
aka Pat

Patrick “Pat” Fernandez

Patrick is a visual artist who has been practicing for almost 14 years. His works are whimsical and are pop surreal in nature. Personally, Patrick is passionate, humble, driven and inspiring as heck. This year, Pat has joined forces with The Junction crew to bring The Woods {art space} to life.

“I love to connect my works to the present situations, local issues, emotions and life events.”

“My favourite part of the Junction is the ambiance of HOME, when your an artist and your works are weird, something non-traditional, you can feel accepted and free. Its is something that all artist sought, that level of freedom to be weird yet people connect because they see beyond the passion.”

Danielle Dumelie

Danielle has been a part of The Junction Crew since day one! Behind the scenes, Danielle was elbows deep in all things junction during the initial renovation of the space, she helped us facilitate workshops, markets, and festivals and then decided to jump with with both feet when she move her art practice to one of our studio spaces in 2018. Danielle is a Regina based multidisciplinary artist, focused mainly in painting and drawing. Her works are a quirky exploration of storytelling, myth, and personal history. Danielle is also an active member of The Woods art space. She brings experience, enthusiasm, as well as fresh perspective. As if that’s not enough, Danielle is an artist, a teacher, mother, dancer and an all around “can-do” type of human. We are so fortunate to work along side her.

“I thrive in creative communities, the opportunity to brainstorm, share ideas, and learn with others.”

Dayne Blair (she/they)

Dayne is a bird mom, dungeon master, computer science student, and hair witch. With 7 years of experience behind the chair, we will vouch that Dayne not only knows her stuff… she’s oozing with talent, knowledge and creative edge. Daynes specialties include: curly hair, precision cutting, dimensional colour of both the natural and unnatural type .. she does a mean consultation, gives a heck of a scalp massage and is also really hecking funny.

“I love introducing guests to new ideas but also collaborating to create something that will make them feel good and also work for their lifestyle.”


Join the movement!

Thank you for your interest in joining The Junction {creative studio} and The Woods {art space}. We currently offer a few different options for creative humans such as yourself. Please fill out the entire form with as much detail as you’d like to give, this will help us get to know you and your business. If your application is approved, we will set up a time to go over specific options, details and get the ball rolling.

Thank you for your interest! You rock our socks!!! We will review  all applications sent in, though please keep in mind that our space is limited. 

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