July 7th-25th 2020

Todd was the winner of a solo show by participation and gaining the highest bids for his piece in the live painting auction at the Habitat for Humanity Doors and more fundraiser. His prize was a solo exhibition in The Woods Art Space. Please come on by and see what Todd has put together. Todd is a wonderfully talented, eclectic artist and we’re so grateful to have his work showcased in our space!

Stories That Move You is currently on display at The Woods until June 30. For this exhibition, eight trans and non-binary people worked with photographer Evie Ruddy (they/them) to have their portraits taken alongside an audio recording of their own understanding of their bodies and stories. Too often, trans and non-binary people are the subjects of artists who do not share a lived experience – which leads to a cisgender (non-trans) gaze being perpetuated and a miscommunication of their stories and bodies to the audience. Created by UR Pride, and funded by SK Arts, Stories That Move You provided participants with space to explore their own subjectivity. Here is “School girl” – one of eight portraits featured in the exhibition at the Woods until June 30, during pride month in Saskatchewan. This exhibition also features audio stories told in the participants’ own words and voices.


Photo: Let’s crush the system