May 18th-29th. We welcome you to join us in a colorful art experience brought to you by local artist Cindy Obuck.


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Exhibit statement
Sky Meets the Land is a series about imagining our beautiful land.  The feelings you get when driving across the country, or walking in the fields.  How the wind blows against your face or the sun shines down, creating beautiful, bright colours.  I have tried to capture some of these feelings in this series of abstract and representative pieces.  I wish to invite the viewer to imagine or reflect on their experiences and what imagery or memory this might evoke.Artist Statement
I worked with fibre for many years, but found it was taking a toll on my body.  I was looking for a new creative outlet and for fun tried a workshop using encaustics.  I was hooked!!  I never saw myself as a painter, but have discovered a real love using encaustics to capture and share my imaginative creations.  Encaustics is an ancient medium combining bees wax and damar resin, and by combining it with dry pigments or oil paints, I create my colour palate.  I utilize a heat gun or torch to adhere the wax to the surface.  Working intuitively, often using a photo for inspiration,  I allow the painting to direct me.  After building the surface with encaustic medium I often apply shellac to create texture and luminosity.  Strong, bold colours bring me great joy, and I hope my paintings translate that joy to the viewer.



Bold was a solo exhibit by local artist Sherri Collins. May 1st-13th 2021


“My name is Sherri Collins, I am a mother of four and an art lover for years. I’ve started to create more art and broaden my idea of what are is and how I want to express it to others. Especially, during the pandemic my art has changed and I’ve focused more on creating things as bright and bold as possible. I’ve also wanted to bend realities and structural forms. I wanted to refocus art and create out of pure enjoyment and not for profit. Combining my nursing career based on anatomy with nature and beauty. I really loved creating this show bold and I am thankful to have all the opportunities this life has provided.” -Sherri